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Ecological concrete created by UNAM students

A group of students from the UNAM at the Aragon School of Higher Studies (FES by its initials in Spanish) created concrete plates...

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Characteristics of the Obra del Año award

Foro Boca

During the recient years there has been a clear enrichement of the musical and cultural life...

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Winning Projects of the Work of the Year this 2018

For the Spanish-speaking countries, for the past 10 years, the Work of the year awards have been held. It is here where the...

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The construction industry and its trends this 2018

2018 arrives, and with it new trends that will test all those who develop in the construction sector, Do you know ...

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Three Major Trends in the field of Construction 

The digitalization for 3D models (architectonic and structural) has brought great benefits in the phases of mechanizatio...

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