We are an integral enterprise that considers all the real estateĀ“s phases starting with the concept and finishing with the deliverables and the property operation. We work through direct performance or through the companies associated under our management. 


Our team, formed by a group of specialists in urban planning, architecture, engineering and market research, offers several strategies for the better and the greatest use of a property; thus, the development of the business model including the financial aspect. In Akko-Group, consultancy is considered as a fundamental axis, since it will always look up for the deepest studies on each case; moreover, it will allow to reach the optimal decision making. Our methodology based on transversal models of information, considers numerous elements of analysis enclosed in the next phases:

Regional-Urban Economic Analysis 

Market Research 

Feasibility Studies 


Urban Planning 

Conceptualization and Project development (Architectonic and Urban)

Commercial and Marketing Strategy 

Financial Evaluation

Property Management

The efficient management of properties has a positive impact on business administration. It Involves the study and the monitoring of the inputs related to the technical services and the estimated energy required by the building. 

The regulation of leasing contracts is crucial without detracting from, the planning of the necessary strategies and investments. We consider the maximun value of real estate, minimizing the common building costs and warranting the facilities and maintenance of the property. 

Investment Property

Akko Group based on a wide experience in market and on real estate knowledge, offers a great variety of property consulting for national and foreign investors. 

The team work and the talent mapped out in our labor force, allow us to to present reliable information to our clientes, for the optimal decision making. We serve under a straight estructure and methodology that guarantees us to plan, supervise and control the projects ensuring the established goals. 


Akko Group offers consultancy and brokerage services for real estate management, focused on users and owners. We have had strategic and integral presence in offices, commercial centres, residences, terrains and mixed use projects through a wide knowledge in the field and several cases of sucess. 

Project Management

A fundamental objective for our company is to accomplish the expectations of our clients. In order to reach them, the service of Project Management includes a series of techniques such as critical route and budget control to underwrite the correct development of a project through the three successful dimesions: being on time, within budget and with a specified quality. 

Now a days we must add the next objectives: fulfill with straight security in the construction process, work under environmental regulations respecting the neighboring comunities and finally use the sustainable criteria in the construction process and in the property operation.